• Yamagon Seika Group
    mainly deals with various
    domestic seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • Presently, most fruits and vegetables are sold at stores regardless of their season due to the development of greenhouse farming techniques and low temperature preservation technologies as well as organized distribution systems. Despite this, seasonal fruits and vegetables that are harvested during certain periods of time are extremely fresh, flavorful, and fragrant. Furthermore, depending on the crop, they can be obtained at a more reasonable price. For consumers, seasonal fruits and vegetables have the appeal of providing the taste of something seasonal, which is unique to Japan, and it is one reason why consumers tend to favor them.

  • Yamagon Seika Group mainly uses Yodobashi Market to run our intermediate wholesale business of fresh produce.
  • Yodobashi Market at the Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market is a hub of wholesale to secure smooth distribution of fresh produce essential for our everyday life.
    Yamagon Seika Group mainly uses Yodobashi Market, which is located at the middle of the Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market, to run our intermediate wholesale business of fresh produce that concentrates on freshness, safety, and flavor. We also liaise with remote markets such as Kasai, Tsukiji, Ota, and Setagaya as well as with other produce companies in order to secure select products with safety, security, and fresh flavor in mind. In addition to other domestic wholesale businesses, we also coordinate with importers and we offer select products that have gone through strict checks to various distribution channels such as mass merchants, retailers, and the restaurant industry, including hotels, as their supplier.

  • Yamagon Seika Group has a distribution network that covers all of Japan.
    Our mission is speedy and accurate distribution.
  • Our purchase ratio is 80% vegetables and 20% fruits. We purchase widely all across Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa, including imported fresh produce, for mass merchants and retailers such as major supermarkets and vegetable shops as well as for the restaurant industry. Perishable food including fresh produce quickly loses its freshness, making it difficult to preserve for long periods, and the value of the produce changes depending on its freshness. Consequently, speedy distribution is essential. The supply also varies depending on the climate and other natural conditions, so accurate services are required on top of being quick. Our mission is to rapidly respond to consumer demand no matter the quantity or location without compromising on quality. This way, we can meet our customers’needs and earn their trust and satisfaction.