• Corporate philosophy
  • Yamagon Seika Group always moves forward with sincerity.
    Our principal concerns are
    freshness, safety, and flavor, and we strive
    to become a bridge from farmers to consumers.
  • Yamagon Seika President
    Masato Nakabayashi
  • Consumers want fresh, safe, and secure food; tasty, reasonably priced food, and furthermore food that is familiar and desirable to consumers and highly trusted as well as being natural and environmentally friendly. Yamagon Seika Group specializes in intermediate wholesale of fresh produce and our entire staff works hard every day in order to deliver fresh, safe, and secure natural food to everyone’s table. While paying close attention to food trends and consumer demand, we particularly care about the freshness, safety, and flavor of our fresh

    produce and aspire to become a bridge connecting farmers with consumers. In order to fulfill the common goal among our affiliated companies of catering to the customer’s needs, as well as to cultivate satisfaction and trust, we aim for speedy and accurate services. We will also work harder to establish a firm bond of trust with our major customers and colleagues in the same field. In all aspects, we feel that sincere correspondence and actions are some of the most important things we can offer as human beings. Yamagon Seika Group moves forward with sincerity.

    We hope you will enjoy our fruits and vegetables. Thank you!

Company profile
Yamagon Seika Co., Ltd.
Business Name Yamagon Seika Co., Ltd.
(Intermediate wholesale business in Yodobashi Market
at the Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market)
Date of Establishment April 22, 1972
Representative President Masato Nakabayashi
Capital 51 million yen
Financial Closing March (once a year)
Intermediate Wholesale Permit 47 NakaYodoShuu No.38 permitted by Governor of Tokyo
Total Sales 8.8 billion yen (FY2019)
11.8 billion yen (FY2019) for the entire group
Number of Employees Permanent employees: 85
Products Fruits and vegetables
Major Banking Relationship MUFG Bank (Higashinakano Branch)
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (Takadanobaba Branch)
Seibu Shinkin Bank (Kitashinjuku Branch)
Johoku Shinkin Bank (Kitashinjuku Branch)
The Shoko Chukin Bank (Shibuya Branch)
Members of the Board President Masato Nakabayashi
Chief Executive Director Masayuki Wada
Executive Managing Director Minoru Yoshida
Director (Kasai Branch Manager) Shiro Nakajima
Headquarters 4-19-3 Kitashinjuku, Shinjuku-ku,
Tokyo 169-0074
Tel: 03-3364-2136 (main)
Fax: 03-3367-0260
Kasai Branch Office
3-4-1 Rinkaicho, Edogawa-ku,
Tokyo 134-0086
Tel: 03-3878-2383(main)
Fax: 03-3878-2386
yamagon Company Overview
yamagon Company Profile

Suzukei Co., Ltd.
Business Name Suzukei Co., Ltd.
Date of Establishment November 13, 1991
Representative President Masami Shigeta
Capital 30 million yen
Total Sales 2.3 billion yen (FY2019)
Number of Employees Permanent employees: 26
Headquarters 4-15-8 Kitashinjuku, Shinjuku-ku,
Tokyo 169-0074
Tel: 03-5330-6161 (main)
Fax: 03-5386-3133
Establishment June, 2011
Capital 8 million yen
Headquarters 4-19-3 Kitashinjuku, Shinjuku-ku,
Tel: 03-5389-6226
Fax: 03-5338-8733
Website URL
Major Banking Relationship MUFG Bank (Higashinakano Branch)
Major Customers Shinjuku Vegefru Co., Ltd.
Yamagon Seika Co., Ltd.
Maru-yu Co., Ltd.

Company history
April 1972 Yamagon Shoten was established as the intermediate wholesale division in Yodobashi Market at the Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market.
Shunta Yamamoto become President, and Makoto Nakabayashi became Chef Executive Director
April 1982 Yamagon was established at Kawasaki Hokubu Market in Kanagawa.
Tadashi Yoshida became President.
May 1982 The business name was changed to Yamagon Seika, and Makoto Nakabayashi became President.
April 1984 At the same time when Kasai Market at the Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market opened,
the Kasai Branch Office of Yamagon Seika was opened.
November 1991 An intermediate wholesaler in Yodobashi Market at the Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market, Suzukei was established. Keizo Takasu became President.
August 2000 An intermediate wholesaler at Yodobashi Market at the Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market, Marunaka was established. Morishige Maruyama became President.
March 2001 Yamagon (in Kawasaki) was closed.
July 2003 Presidency of Suzukei passed from Keizo Takasu to Susumu Udagawa.
January 2004 Masato Nakabayashi became President at the parent organization, Yamagon Seika.
March 2004 Daito Seika Co., Ltd. (Nakano Division, Yodobashi Branch, Tokyo Seikabutsu Shogyo Kyodo Kumiai
(Tokyo Fruits and Vegetables Commerce Cooperative)), which had a business relationship
with Yamagon Seika Group, joined the Group.
April 2010 Presidency of Suzukei passed from Susumu Udagawa to Masami Shigeta.
August 2010 Management of Marunaka was integrated into Yamagon Seika.
April 2011 Management of Daito Seika Co., Ltd. was integrated into Yamagon Seika.
June 2011 Natural Fusion was established as a new business.
(Retail and import of fruits and vegetables, etc.)